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There Are No Rights, Only Material Needs & the Need for Personal Sovereignty

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A system does not have to honor its every part’s every request.  But it does have to accommodate its every part’s every true need.

The system of a bacterium, for example, does not exist to serve only its DNA, or only its lipid membrane, or only its tRNA.  But it does have to obey the physics that define what each of those parts can and cannot do, and what they need to exist and to change, or else the bacterium ceases very quickly to be a bacterium any longer.

Likewise the system of a multicellular organism, such as a dog; the dog cannot give all of its energies to the brain, no matter how eager that brain is for glucose, lest the dog’s other parts shut down and the dog lose its whole self.  But the dog must give each cell what that cell needs, in terms of temperature, materials, and protection from mechanical or chemical damage.

A society of organisms is no different.  A society of human beings is no different.  But when we get to human beings, the individual needs which the society as a whole system must answer, become more subtle and complex.  (more…)

The Nth Word (Still Means Something Mean)

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Disclaimer:  I’m not black. (more…)